How to unlock Windows desktop or laptop using Android fingerprint sensor

If you have an old laptop and don’t have the fingerprint scanner on it then this post may be helpfull to you. in this post we learn how to unlock Windows PC Via Phone Fingerprint Scanner. It’s a simple and easy prosses to make your user experience much better. For this, you need to install an application to your android and windows Laptop / Desktop. After that follow some simple steps to get the job done.

Also, this method was to work all the devices i have like Samsung, xaiomi, moto, etc.

Requirement to setup

For this setup, you need a few things before you download anything or go to the setup process.

  • Set a password to your windows admin account if it’s allredy not set.
  • Connect your phone and Laptop/desktop in the same wifi network.
  • You need a properly working fingerprint scanner in your smartphone. (If you don’t have a router then create a hotspot in your wifi then auto connect it on your laptop )
  • Android 6.0+

If you using windows 10, 8, 7 then click download right version of it. like if you have 64-bit version then you install any file but if you are in 32bit version then install 86x.


Free version Features:

Log-in/Unlock an account
Simple, user-friendly UI
Local and online Microsoft account support
Dark UI
Local network/Wi-Fi Tethering support

PRO features:
Ads removal
Adding multiple computers
Adding multiple accounts per computer
Unlock widget (will be added shortly after launch)
More planned features


How to setup Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Setting up Remote Fingerprint Unlock is fairly simple. All you need to do is download the Android app, install the Windows Fingerprint Credential Module, and go through the setup process in the app.

  1.  Set a password to your windows admin account if it’s allredy not set.
  2. Download and install Remote Fingerprint Unlock from the Google Play Store.
  3.  Download and install the right Windows Fingerprint Module for your Windows PC. (Be sure to read the setup instructions and warning thoroughly.)
  4.  Open the Android app and go to the Scan section.
  5.  Start the Scan operation and let it find your Windows PC.
  6.  Tap on the PC you want to set up. You can choose to give it a name and/or send a Wake-on-LAN packet if you have the pro version.
  7.  After adding the PC, go to the Accounts section.
  8.  Tap on “Add Account.” Enter the username and password of the account you want to remotely unlock.
  9.  After you add the account you want to unlock on the PC, tap on the account name so that a (Selected) shows up after the name (see the last screenshot.) If you don’t do this, you’ll get an error message saying something like “no default account has been selected.”

NOTE:  if the drive link is not working then Click this mirror link to download


Report of the zip files


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