Android P offers hole new features for android lovers try it today

Android P or Android 9.0 is Now Available For Android Lovers

Google just launched Android P for the developers. Android P got cool feathers that are exciting for Android users.

it’s a first preview release so you don’t want to flash on your main device. If you have a test Android device like Pixler or Pixler XL. We must say it’s a good thing to get an earlier preview for developers and Google also.

Because Google is collected feedback from developers who build their application for newer API from Google.

This preview is not a fine release So that it gets updated more features in futures and give more flexibility for New Application. Only Pixel phones and Android Emulator are officially supported for now


What new in Android P:

  1. Auto-fill framework
  2. Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT.
  3. Display top cutout support like iPhone.
  4. Client-side encryption of Android backups
  5. Smart Notifications
  6. HDR VP9, HEIF image compression, and Media APIs
  7. Multi-camera and Other camera updates for Better image’s.
  8. Security enhancements
  9. New image Decoder

Android P Auto-fill work within web browsers automatically:

Google has made browsing more efficient by using auto-fill username and password. But some time auto-fill was less secure because if someone opens your browser and he sees your id or password was fill Automatic. He can easily login to your account. Maybe google find some solution for this.

To know more about Autofill Reade This

Android P Got an edge to edge display support:

Google has given support for display cutout in android natively. So in futures google maybe make their Pixel phones completely bezel-less.


Smart notification for faster reply:

Android P is got a smart notification area Now you can reply from your notifications. Google AI was suggested possible rely on according to your message like google Alo.

Managing your quick actions more by adding an extra layer of actions.


P notification similar to how it works on iPhone, except there, you need to remember to use a hard 3D Touch to open up the in-notification window.

How to install And Why?

To get Android on your device you need to manually flash it on your android device. It’s a preview so that you can’t want to install on your primary device. If you do then backup all your data so you can get them anytime. Now follow my steps and install Android P.

First, you Get your Android P from this link

Copy the ZIP file to your int

Then backup all your data


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