10 Online Business That Makes Money For You Right Now In Any Country(2018)

www.vedantu.comTalking money is all time favourite for all. when I was the kid I thought I make a lot of money from internet. But did you know an online money making not so easy right now? Maybe it’s easy 10 years ago but not now. So if you earn money online you should know some spacial technic or smart ideas to build a perfect online business.

In this post, I tell you about 10 online business plans that easy to setup run for a long time.

Before the start, you have to know why you start your online business.

In a simple way, online business is more relevant than traditional offline business. It needs hard work first to build your business but after stabilise. It’s work with lot less effort then local business. Even when you not working its work for you.
1. Selling Digital Product

Selling digital product is one of the best ways build a good amount of audience and make money also. Like if you love writing blog and article try to write an e-book. Write about what you passionate about. For start go to youtube start learning “how to write e-books“. After watching the video reads some books/ e-books on the same topic for a perfect idea. Goto googles research and collect data for your book and start or if you are know coding make application for Android or iOS and sell them.
Why it’s best because one-time hard work that’s make earning for a long time. Every time someone buys your book you get a revenue from it.

2. Selling Handmade Craft or homemade Product on e-comers

Sell ing a hand crafted product is a great idea. Make your own brand and sell your products with profit.

3.Teaching Something Online

Teaching online it’s same as traditional teaching but the big difference is you can sit anyware in the world and teach lessons. Also is easy to setup your class in online teaching website like www.udemy.com , www.vedantu.com

4. Freelancing or selling services online

5. Affiliate marketing

6. Start youtube channel

YouTube is 2nd bigest search engines after Google. If you have any kind of talent then YouTube is best platform to you to make mony form what you love. So take your mobile phone or DSLR and shot a video about you.

By putting your content daily and giving a value to your viewers you see your growth. To make a constant amount of money work with your own creativity.

7. Make a blog

You start your blog form today
8. Developed your own App for Android and IOS

If you know coding just put your knowledge into a smart idea. Make an application that solving a problem of someone and that’s it.

After 1or 2 months when you get downloads Put Google ad on the application and monetize. After a few months, you start your earnings from your application

9. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you put investment on Amazon FBA program. This business for those who want to sell products tension free. Just buy products and send them to Amazon warehouse and all your work will be done by Amazon.

Shipping, Return and packaging all done by Amazon.

10. Sell your manufacturing products online

If you want to establish your brand and want a good amount of income.¬† Then sell your own products online in this way you build two things your brand name and expand your business everywhere. Because of your own website or a establish e-commerce website, it’s available to the whole¬†country.

So there is no limit, it depends on you that how much you want to grow


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